How does Creative Kinesiology work? 

An intriguing part of the process is the method of muscle testing to get feedback from the body which addresses all levels eg body, mind, emotions, nutrition, energy systems, soul and spirit. Creative Kinesiologists are then able to work in partnership with their clients to track where the imbalance of energy stems from and determine the best method of healing through the many tools and techniques available.

Blocked energy (which may well be a result of unhelpful life experiences) can be released using gentle balancing techniques whilst enabling the person’s own healing abilities to work and bring about optimal outcomes for their overall health and wellbeing.

Through this holistic energy therapy many people have discovered the wisdom and power of the ‘higher self’ which ultimately enables us to heal, find balance and live a happier, more purposeful life! 


Deborah Fordham, Creative Kinesiologist CKAP

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