About me

Following a traumatic experience in 2012 within the workplace I was at my lowest until a synchronicity led me to Creative Kinesiology and my life began to change for the better. I studied the Life Tracking and Way of The Tracker courses twice starting in 2013 and learnt so much more about myself along that journey. I completed the second Way of The Tracker course and qualified in May 2017; I have grown so much more as a person and practitioner and I’m passionate about supporting others through my practice to blossom into their full potential. 

As a qualified Creative Kinesiologist I understand that deeply rooted emotional, physical and energetic patterns can sometimes manifest in symptoms such as aches and pains, illness, dissatisfaction with life, depression, poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and/or low energy levels. Some people feel they have lost motivation and have no sense of purpose in their lives yet this can all be changed!

I am also a qualified Social Worker with 25 years’ experience of working with families so have a vast experience of working with people from all backgrounds. The ‘tracking’ aspect of Creative Kinesiology totally ‘clicked’ with me; supporting others to explore their past and its impact on their life in the present tense then enabling them to make positive changes is so rewarding and is much more achievable and sustainable within this healing therapy.

I have seen amazing ‘shifts’ in clients and have great feedback, even from those who were at first slightly sceptical. It makes me love this work more and more.

Deborah Fordham, Creative Kinesiologist CKAP

t: 07779 047374 e: debs@find-balance.co.uk