What issues can Creative Kinesiology help with?

Here are some issues that clients have come to me with;

  • Aches and pains,
  • Low energy/constant tiredness
  • Frustration with life and relationships
  • Lack of confidence/assertiveness
  • Experiences in childhood still impacting on them as adults
  • Past trauma
  • Stress
  • Having no sense of purpose
  • Feeling generally flat and not feeling any joy

Through this holistic energy therapy many people have discovered the wisdom and power of the ‘higher self’ – which, ultimately, enables us to heal, find balance and live a happier, more purposeful life! 

My clients have reported significant changes within them that they’ve been amazed at. They also talk about others noticing the difference and this then having a positive impact upon relationships (partners, work, family).  Here a some testimonials.....

“Debs listens well and makes connections. She always explains what she is doing and puts you at ease. I have seen many positive changes from the sessions and these include my back being less painful even with 2 deteriorating disks. My emotions eased and the progress with my confidence and approach to life has grown and held firm - I have done things I never thought I would do. Each session has been different but powerful in many ways. I have no hesitation in recommending her practice to others.”   

Julie H, Godstone


"Debs is great at helping to balance your mind, body and soul. I always felt so much stronger, able and confident".  Carol B,  Edenbridge


"Debs herself is a warm, comforting person that it’s so easy open up to her. When I’m feeling unsure about myself or life, an hour or so of kinesiology seems to do the trick. I’ve been amazed at what we unravel through various techniques. Each visit is different but entirely enlightening. Go on, give it a go! "  Helen C,  Edenbridge


” After 18 months of kinesiology sessions with Debs, I am still fascinated and full of wonder. She has a conversation with my body and it tells her what it needs. Whilst I am fully conscious , my mind is not part of the process. I am always restored.”   Heather D, Horsham. 


Deborah Fordham, Creative Kinesiologist CKAP

t: 07779 047374 e: debs@find-balance.co.uk