CKAP stands for Creative Kinesiology Assessed Practitioner; having completed the School's Foundation Training I have been assessed as qualified to practice whilst continuing my professional development through the completion of core subjects and 200 professional hours. 

Whilst working towards full professional status I am offering a reduced rate of £35 per session.

Sessions - or what we call balances - are typically around one hour. Your first session will be longer as it will be important to gather important information about you first eg any health issues that are relevant, and anything else you wish to share. I would suggest an extra 30 minutes for this at no extra cost.

You may feel one session is all you would like and that is perfectly fine. Although I would say that my clients have felt one wasn't enough; this is due to a process being triggered which is best worked with over a course of at least 3 sessions. This would enable further exploration of the issue you are bringing and gives the body reassurance of 'being held' over that space of time. 

A preliminary discussion on the telephone is usually helpful to clients who want to know more and have questions to ask and I am happy for you to call me on that basis with no obligation to book.



I work from my home in Chessington, Surrey. I work mostly weekends and some evenings. If travelling to me is an issue I am happy to explore the option of sessions in your own home.


Is it hands on therapy?

Firstly a reassurance - yes, but all done with you fully clothed! 

Actually, there are a number of techniques that are available - your body will give feedback when asked what would be the optimal option for you during the session. Bodywork is a key component of Kinesiology and one of the options could be working on the meridian (energy) points for example. This can range from a light touch to a more vigorous massage on a certain place for a few minutes. However, it is not compulsory and even if your body indicates it would be optimal, if you were not comfortable with it then we can explore other options. 



Whatever you are comfortable in.  


Professional  Status/Membership

I am a member of the CK Association. September 2016 saw Creative Kinesiology become an Association, offering membership to all practitioners and students.

At the same time, the CK Association joined the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), both as an Associate Member and as an Independent School.

  • The members listed on the CK website have agreed to adhere to high standards of on-going training, personal development and mentoring, together with a rigorous Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure
  • This offers peace of mind for members of the public as well as to all students, practitioners and teachers within the CK Association.
  • The CK Association has Professional Body support through the BCMA, and a role in pioneering developments in the field of complementary health.

The Creative Kinesiology School was accepted as an Independent School by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) in July 2016.

Creative Kinesiology is recognised by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain.

Deborah Fordham, Creative Kinesiologist CKAP

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